November 30th, -0001

Beware of Rusty Garage Door Track

The track your garage door rolls on is vital to it\'s overall performance. Rusty track can cause your garage door to run roughly and make excess noise. Additionally, having rusty garage door track can increase the frequency with which you need to get you garage door repaired. Be on the lookout for rust as winter progresses, because it may form from the use of salt. Our technicians frequently replace rusted garage door track, below is an image taken from a set of track we replaced recently in St. John.

As you can see the difference is night an day. In addition to it looking much better to the eye the door will run much more smoothly and quietly. As mentioned before this particular repair was done in St. John, but we frequently replace track in Lowell, Hammond, Portage, and anywhere else in Northwest Indiana you could imagine.

As always for the best garage door repair in Northwest Indiana give us a call!