July 3rd, 2019

Spring Garage Door Tips

To many, spring is synonymous with change. Cleaning and maintenance are typically top of the list, but what about upgrades? We’ve compiled a list of some improvements that can be made around the home this season.

Upgrade Your Garage Doors

garage door with windows
Overhead Door™ Thermacore® Model 195

To instantly improve your home’s look, upgrading your garage door is a great option. The Overhead Door™ Brand carries garage doors to suit all types of architectural styles, including modern and contemporary. If a sleek look is desired, consider upgrading to a Thermacore® Model 195. Made of corrosion-resistant aluminum and glass panels for maximum light infiltration, Model 195 is not only durable but also a great option for homeowners who want to brighten up the inside of their garage.

If you are looking for a strong investment opportunity, look no further. According to the 2019 Cost vs. Value Reportby Remodeling magazine, on average, homeowners can recoup 98% of the cost spent upon resale. In some markets the number can even reach as high as 121%.

Raise Your Home’s IQ

garage door app
Overhead Door® OHD Anywhere®

Smart devices are increasingly becoming a part of everyday life with internet-connected gadgets and automated systems in items like kitchen appliances and security alarms. The garage door is no different. OHD Anywhere® is a smart garage door controller that allows users to operate up to three garage doors from any location and receive alerts when there are changes in a door’s position.

This technology is especially useful for homeowners expecting repairmen, deliveries or even friends over, and does not require the homeowner to give out their information for access to the garage.

Install Energy-Efficient Lighting

energy efficient light bulb
Overhead Door™ Brand Garage Door Opener LED Light Bulb

Energy-efficient light bulbs have been around for a while but have gotten more efficient in recent years. According to Energy.gov, LED bulbs use 75% less energy, and last 25 times longer than incandescent lighting.

While most LED light bulbs interfere with garage door openers, limiting the range of the opener’s remote controls, the Overhead Door™ Brand LED Light Bulb has a unique design that shields the transmission of its energy waves from the radio frequency that goes between the remote and the opener, eliminating any operational issues. In regards to energy efficiency, the light bulb only uses 10 watts of power, so depending on local utility rates, that means that the annual cost can be as little as $1.07 per year. Additionally, the light bulb is shatter- and vibration- resistant, able to withstand 5G force, and is durable enough to work in temperatures as low as -30ºC.

Convert Your Garage Into a Man Cave or She Shed

man cave with glass garage door
Overhead Door Modern Aluminum Model 521 

Creating a personal hideaway allows homeowners a dedicated space for their passion projects, whether it be an art or music studio, office space or a “man cave” for watching the big game. And, according to a survey by Impulse Research, 55% of Americans spend one to two hours each week in the garage working on hobbies and other activities.

When Justin Baldoni, a leading actor on CW’s hit show “Jane the Virgin,” was looking to turn his garage into a personal gym, he chose an Overhead Door™ Brand Modern Aluminum Model 521 garage door. Customized with a black powder coat finish, his garage door features a wide, heavy-duty frame and offers a joint seal between sections for additional weather resistance to meet wind load building requirements. Additionally, since Model 521’s design focuses on windows, ample amounts of light can be let in without even having to use the electricity in the garage. And after you’ve worked up a sweat, all it takes is a simple click and you will be able to enjoy the breeze and some fresh air to cool you down after your workout.

What spring upgrades are at the top of your list? Tag us on social media using #OHDSpringUpgrades and let us know!