January 11th, 2019

Garage Door Repair Crown Point

Our Company frequently completes repairs in Crown Point with many different types of repairs being required! The problems with garage doors we run into in Crown Point include broken springs, broken cables, garage door opener issues, and crooked or off track garage doors. One peticular garage door repair in Crown Point feature two of these frequent repairs we complete. It consisted of a blown capacitor in a Craftsman Garage Door Opener, and the garage door being crooked and off track.

We have two options with failed components in old garage door openers like the Craftsman Garage Door Opener at this job. One would be replace the faulty component, and the other would be to install one of our Overhead Door Odyssey 1000 Garage Door Openers. We recommend installing the Odyssey 1000 because you will be getting brand new quiet garage door opener with a full new warranty versus a one year labor warranty on just the capacitor in the old unit. Whatever you decide to do we are happy to get the garage back up and running.

The second was the door was off track and crooked in the opening. Here is what it looked like when we showed up.

Most of the time there is no problem getting the garage secured and the door back in the track in no time, but there are rare situations were the garage door is damaged beyond repair. Thankfully this one we were able to get back in the track and running. Here is the picture below to prove it.

For garage door repair or a quote on a new garage door or opener give us a call using either number at the top of the page. For a list of other ways to contact us please visit the contact us page.