January 10th, 2019

How Do You Know You Have a Broken Garage Door Spring?

Many people may not even know what a garage door spring is or what it does. The garage door spring is one of the most important parts of your garage door, and when it breaks you can be in a heap of trouble. 

First, we can start with the syptoms that you have a broken spring. One is that your garage door may be unable to open, and your door will be too heavy to run by hand if disengaged from the garage door opener. Some garage doors have two springs allowing the other spring to continue running the door if the other breaks in some cases. In this case it important not to continue running the door with one spring because it will result in burning up your garage door opener. This is the reason that at times you may not even notice you have a broken spring unless you inspect your garage every few months or so.

If your garage door wont open and your unsure if you have broken spring or not the best thing you can do it try to run your garage door manually by disengaging the garage door opener. Beyond that we recommend you inspect your garage door for broken hardware. If you fine your garage door spring (located above the door on a bar or on the sides above the track) looking like the image above it is broken. Any additional diagnosis should be by one of our garage door professionals. Additionally, it is very dangerous to replace a garage door spring and should only be done by a garage door proffessional.

Below you will find a brand new pair of springs our technician mike put on a door recently in Gary, IN. To schedule residential garage door repair you can find the various ways to contact us Here.